Women’s Fashion Tips : How Do I Wear a Silk Scarf?

A silk scarf can be a great way to punch up an otherwise boring look or tie an overall ensemble together. Wear a silk scarf with help from a professional war…
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Petite & Tall: How To Wear a Boyfriend Blazer

A boyfriend blazer is a classic that every woman should have in her closet. In this episode of Petite & Tall, learn tips on what to wear with the fashion sta…

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7 Responses to “Women’s Fashion Tips : How Do I Wear a Silk Scarf?”

  1. Kelly Lee says:

    This was super helpful! I often avoid wearing boyfriend blazers because I
    feel like they make me feel frumpy or shorter, but pairing it with
    something short and fitted underneath looks perfectly polished. I’m off to
    try it myself!

  2. libra8627 says:

    stumbled on these videos on devon’s blog…quite helpful. for petite girls,
    how should we wear printed jeans? and when you tailor them, is keeping the
    original hem necessary?

  3. Mona Al-mutarey says:

    الطويله ما عندها ثقة في نفسها the tall girl hasn’t got any confidence

  4. Penny Chic says:

    you guys are too cute!

  5. R B Miller says:

    I’m petit and a doctor. Did you have any tips to work dressing?

  6. esquibelle says:

    what an obnoxious nasal voice and overall creepy person

  7. Nereida Vazquez says:

    So for petite do you buy the blazer Ina petite size?