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Andrej Pejic is most popular male model in the world, but wears women’s clothes.
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25 Responses to “Wholesale Fashion Dresses For Women WholesaleSarong.com”

  1. MonsterLove305 says:

    this ju ju Chang bitch is an asshole

  2. realilookedinthebox says:

    Every question was just a re iteration of ” Are you gay or straight? Are
    you a man or a woman? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?!”
    Lady, its okay. people can defy definition for a portion or their lives. 

  3. cecilia crijnen says:

    Valentijn de Hingh! watch?v=FDCiBusVFxY

  4. SuviMeansSummer says:

    Haha. That reporter just couldn’t wrap her mind around hi’s open and
    undefined gender identity. Totally unprofessional of her to keep pushing on
    the male or female question. My mother is married to another woman and some
    people just can’t understand that it is a totally unproblematic issue to

  5. Hinu Doll says:

    Gender transcends biology.

  6. Mashael Alqorashi says:

    he is so cute 

  7. theonetruefish says:

    Wow, he did really well with that reporter. She doesn’t seem to know when
    she’s pushing it.

  8. Ho Kahyee says:

    MY GOD !!!!!!!!!

  9. Luvlylexus says:

    I don’t understand why the reporter keeps probing about what Andrej sees in
    the mirror or asks have you had sex with a female. Does that really matter.
    Come on. Andrej is a person and needs to be respected as a person simply
    working in a career field he loves. Stop making him out to be a freak. He
    is simply Andrej Pejic.

  10. Astrid x says:

    jesus christ that reporter interviewing him is being a total ARSE. it’s
    something called GENDER NEUTRAL which I think more people should turn to.
    Andrej is so beautiful! goals right there

  11. Alaina Flewelling says:

    I love how he doesn’t get offended. He seems to be very comfortable with
    who he is.

  12. TheJapanesegirl15 says:

    The reporter is so annoying! Like fuck off and leave him alone! 

  13. Esra eR says:

    They should see Korean male artists dressed as females.. they would swear
    they’re seeing a female lol

  14. Michael Borg says:

    damn he got confidence maybe I should lose more weight maybe ill be more
    confident around chicks lol im fit but still got a beer belly lol

  15. Borghild Olovsdotter says:

    More people should be able to do this, look in the mirror and just see
    themselves. No need to do any drastic changes just to fit in and be like
    everyone else, just you, no gender or expectations of how you “should”
    look. And I totally agree with not planning witch gender you´ll end up
    with, even thug I am attracted to the opposite sex, i believe love has no

  16. Jessie James Bertumen says:

    i wanna be like him

  17. Young Scout says:


  18. Maymay Z says:


  19. candice hope says:

    Shame… Such confusion in who you are.

  20. mirroredhour says:

    Maybe the interviewer is being required to ask those questions, or maybe
    she’s actually wondering it herself, but it makes me cringe that there’s
    such an emphasis on “boy or girl?”, “boy or girl?”, “boy or girl?” Ugh.
    Just leave it be. Girl. Boy. Birl. Goy. Who cares? It’s nothing but a word
    and a label.

  21. Charlotte Robertson says:

    That interviewer was so rude. Even if she was required to ask those
    questions…she didn’t need to be so judgemental. He’s happy with who he
    is. Can she say the same?

  22. Jen Star says:

    He is only 19 and such a gorgeous young person. I felt sorry for Andrej
    during the interview. It seems like he is still confused and trying to
    discover his sexuality and who he is and the reporter kept asking him some
    really stupid questions. If he is happy, leave him be. Why was she
    pressuring him to make decisions for her during the interview? I found that
    so disrespectful.

  23. Indi Sugar Taufik says:

    he has a cute smile :)

  24. Ginger Couture says:

    Wow, he’s a perfect model because he’s so tall, skinny and gorgeous. I
    think that’s really amazing that he can do that, and good for him because
    he’s only 19 and already has an extremely successful career.

  25. halfofakitty says:

    ud think a big reporter like that would b more informed about other genders
    when going to such a person instead of being so ignorant and actually
    shouting her noralities at him
    i would of flipped her off at the end; that was my last straw