What to Wear to Work in Winter, Office Look, Fab How To

What to Wear to Work in Winter, Office Look, Fab How To

When the temperatures drop, it’s difficult to find ways to stay warm while still looking stylish at the office. So today, our Fashion Reporter Allison McNama…

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15 Responses to “What to Wear to Work in Winter, Office Look, Fab How To”

  1. Joanita Osei says:

    I love layering thank you for the tips.

  2. BaybeeBubblez03 says:

    How can I get the same look as 0:58? What kind of shoes are those? Also, do
    you know a good brand for thick, warm, and inexpensive tights? I’m in
    Canada if that makes a difference… Thanks :)

  3. Karina Mejia says:

    you look gorgeouss!

  4. Allison McNamara says:

    yes! I love a turtleneck underneath a dress, with a pant suit, or even
    paired with a pencil skirt and a blazer! xo

  5. Allison McNamara says:

    great idea! i will!

  6. iesuf says:

    Love your videos! Would you mind doing a rainy day outfits video?

  7. florencelovme says:

    throw them away. awful piece of clothing.

  8. florencelovme says:

    I love you, Alison! Im a skirts girl too! lol! <3

  9. Saann00 says:

    Turtlenecks are the worst invention in fashion.

  10. Allison McNamara says:

    I am actually are doing a Currently trending on turtle necks, stay tuned!!

  11. Kodi Rust says:

    hehe :)

  12. Allison McNamara says:

    hopefully you learned some helpful tips! LMK what you think :) xo

  13. belovemay says:

    THanxs for posting about work fashion! I don’t like buying separate clothes
    just for work

  14. Jignya Patel says:

    I love wearing Tights —BUT am never sure if their really appropriate for
    work…? :S

  15. Yer Yang says:

    i dont like to work by wearing heel. what i do in work business