Vintage Fashion Accessories, Dresses

Vintage Fashion Accessories, Dresses …

Daniel May - Women's wear

Chuck I OTHER CHUCK SOUNDTRACK Matt Pond PA – Wild girl Daniel May – Women’s wear…

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25 Responses to “Vintage Fashion Accessories, Dresses”

  1. Sondageetsabotage says:

    Elevator music… :D

  2. dejn00 says:

    yes,good jingle : D

  3. Steviepance says:

    in which episode was this song? One time the song was in Season 5 but i
    think i heard it earlier too.

  4. Alienatia says:

    yea Chuck WHOOOO!!!!! Swan Song made me cry

  5. Marcin Nowak says:

    Chuck and Supernatural! ;D

  6. R0nn0ss says:


  7. disabrina says:

    hehe chuck!! whoo :D

  8. Umbilical Cord says:

    SUPERNATURAL ! whoo :D

  9. gammlerstyle says:

    Chuck is best ever !! Go Chuck from Germany !!

  10. miekedieke says:

    Chuck is on tv in Belgium too It’s a tv-series couldn’t without it living.

  11. KristalBrooks says:

    @VictorP15 It’s a pretty popular tv series in US! ;D

  12. Caysi Peña says:

    The longest elevator ride ever! (Go Pirates) =D

  13. Steffi Fierens says:

    I can’t get this out of my mind i blame Supernatural for it.

  14. luckysocks23 says:

    Since this hasn’t been said here for at least 3 months YAY CHUCK!

  15. Konstantina Nikolaou says:

    Fuck Chuck !!!!! SUPERNATURAL RULES !! :P

  16. odeaw says:


  17. Richterg says:


  18. ChocolateBarTree says:

    Einkaufsmusik… :D

  19. elrenato82 says:

    Where’s my cocktail and hammock baby!

  20. Jackdanielsmoorman says:

    @Steviepance It was in season two episode five.

  21. VictorP15 says:

    ¿Qué significa Chuck?

  22. yack010 says:

    @VictorP15 Es una serie de tv,Esta muy padre veela buscala por chuck espia
    por accidente,

  23. pawan mamba says:

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  24. hipofrito says:

    parece a la musiquita q te ponen en llamada en espera o en el ascensor

  25. AdamJensen91 says:

    Only a dumbass doesn’t know what a referral is pal…You don’t trick me ;)