Sindhu – Fashion Designer Special | Hello Ladies | Vanitha TV

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25 Responses to “Sindhu – Fashion Designer Special | Hello Ladies | Vanitha TV”


    hi jowee! all ur styling ideas are amazing,plz can u do a video on
    graduation look..PLZZZ :)

  2. Love Chic Styling says:

    aww thank u so much! I think lighting is important so make sure u have lots
    of light coming in and if u have a tripod that will help =)

  3. Cee N says:

    I love outfit number 2 so much! ^__^

  4. Tiffany Rodriguez says:

    Hi I have a job interview this Wednesday at Mcdondalds, this will be my
    first job. What should I wear and what colors since it is now fall. I love
    in Florida so it’s quite hot here.

  5. Love Chic Styling says:

    no i dont sorry :( it’s in one of my really old hauls!

  6. Love Chic Styling says:

    because I don’t have a kiwi accent. LOLOL yup I just went there. LOVE U

  7. Jess W says:

    loved this :)

  8. Love Chic Styling says:

    yayy I’m so glad to hear that! <3

  9. infinitest4rs says:

    Love the 2nd outfit

  10. infinitest4rs says:

    waisted shorts

  11. Love Chic Styling says:

    hi lovely! good luck for your job interview (if i’m not too late!) I would
    suggest just wearing an outfit that shoes you have a sense of style and
    fashion, and wear jewelry that is similar to what they have in store. Make
    sure you also check out the website so you have extra knowledge and show
    you’re keen :)

  12. Love Chic Styling says:

    Thanks lovely! xx

  13. Love Chic Styling says:

    thanks! they’re very comfortable =)

  14. ishnostalkerX3 says:

    OMG just when I need it! Thanks !!

  15. swtd12eams says:

    HI Jowee, Where did you purchase your nude panty holes from? I have a
    difficult time finding nude panty holes that fits my skin tone. Thanks.

  16. Love Chic Styling says:

    I can’t remember now but possibly target or kmart?

  17. Love Chic Styling says:

    Sorry for the late reply! I hope your interview went well! What you wore
    sounds fine though :)

  18. s0ushy says:

    Great ideas thank you so much ! 

  19. Ruby Torres says:

    Which one would be best for a receptionist ?

  20. lillie oliva says:

    wow love the tips and your suggested outfits, ive got my first job at
    maccas and not freaking out !D YAY (READ TO GO) 

  21. Ruby Torres says:

    I know the Office would be best but i don’t wear dresses lol 

  22. Katie Lee says:

    It doesn’t matter what industry your potential job is in, you always wear
    business casual. Just because it’s fast food doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
    wear a blouse and a skirt.

    All your outfits are cute, though, and they’re all spot on, but only if you
    maybe swapped the jeans for fitted dress pants. 

  23. LadieeJaay says:

    I love all these outfits

  24. mikkaila tennar says:

    I go in for a job interview Monday for Chipotle I am going to wear a pair
    of black dress pants and a white blouse with a collar. Hope I get this job.

  25. Jenny N says:

    i have an interview for a job at canada’s wonderland(amusement park) this
    saturday, what should i wear? i was planning on wearing a blue peplum top
    but dont know if i should wear it with leggings or jeans??