Muslim fashion: ‘Anyone can wear these clothes’

Muslim fashion: ‘Anyone can wear these clothes’ Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: Riazat Butt meets the designer behind Elenany, a new …

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25 Responses to “Muslim fashion: ‘Anyone can wear these clothes’”

  1. yanfeb15 says:

    @gotcod7 …LMAO!!!! funny, considering the fact that I’m AMERICAN. You
    poor thing, hate is the only thing that fills your life.

  2. Quran Math says:

    Allah swears by what you see and what you do not see that the Arabic Quran
    is the utterance of an honorable messenger a revelation from the Lord of
    the universes. If Mohammad had uttered any other sayings against Us We
    would have taken away his right hand (Mohammad wrote the Quran with his
    right hand) then We would have surely cut off his aorta (vein) and none of
    you could have defended him 69:37-46 So the ones who wrote the hadith sunna
    and Sharia law their hands and Hearts should be cut off

  3. BarnacleGooseInvalid says:

    @GigaBoost >2012 >doesn’t know how to greentext on youtube

  4. Mohammad Mahmood-ur-Rehman says:

    “…Of course Bankimchandra does show Durga to be inseparably united with
    Bengal in the end, but no Mussulman , christians and Arya Samajis can be
    expected patriotically to worship the ten-handed deity as ‘Swadesh’ [the
    nation]. The novel Anandamath is a work of literature, and so the song is
    appropriate in it. But Parliament is a place of union for all religious
    groups, and there the song cannot be appropriate. ” who said this can you
    guess :TAGORE. Now you deal with your ignorance!

  5. Rizwan88 says:


  6. Abeer Nasser says:

    Instead , convince others with your points , From a special experience, let
    people say what they think even if they wrong , but don’t fight it back
    with the same wrong thoughts he have ,,, be smart by having his attention
    from the good in your heart ;) Some people may hate Islam becouse of others
    , it’s wrong of course , look for the real Islamic books , that express
    what it really is ,,,

  7. Abaya Anoosh says:

    the best fashion is cover your body

  8. JamboNessy says:


  9. Kelsey Phipps says:

    @MrDavecameron lol me too :)

  10. ahlan2wasahlan says:

    @jordan7787 you might find these women attractive but the ones that will
    show their bodies you will find that the are MORE sexuallly
    attractive…islam tries to reduce the negative attractiveness….of course
    there will be some men who might still think that covered women are still
    sexuaally atractive…

  11. MonicaKn17 says:

    @yanfeb15 i know but i feel sorry for these girls. It’s not a bad thing to
    cover yourself, but they’ve never experienced the freedom of wearing shorts
    out when the weather is boiling hot, or wearing a pretty cocktail dress.
    Any respectable girl sets limits regarding clothing, but to take it this
    far is unfair. My muslim friends seem like they are always regretting it.
    They always say no to go shopping because they know they’ll never be
    allowed to wear the same variety of clothing that others do

  12. cliobaby says:

    Well done I say to her! Nice styles there and I could see myself wearing
    some of her designs. And Nope I am not a Muslim or Christian…just someone
    who appreciates nice clothes…having seen how the youths of today
    dress,even young girls as young as 13, one can somehow see how they can get
    themselves into compromising situations…show a bit, but keep the rest for
    yourself and your special person/partner/mate…also shows that one has
    respect for themselves.. just my opinion..

  13. Salwa Muslimah says:

    at the start, what did that designer mean by “ordinary people” are Muslims
    not ordinary? Subhanallah… some people really make us look like aliens.
    We are normal and ordinary thank you very much! I am a Muslim woman and I
    don’t find it covering at all, the sleeves are tight. Hijab is to be loose
    and baggy and modest, not tight showing shape of your arms. I think it is
    rather patronizing. Hijab is meant to be loose, not just about covering the
    skin. Needs to fulfill every criteria,

  14. MissBlue says:

    this is si disrespectful for us muslims!

  15. monica linow says:

    What are the name of the songs?

  16. SelmanaHayek says:

    anybody knows what song it is? :D

  17. yanfeb15 says:

    @MonicaKn17 …I guess it also depends on the person and how strict their
    upbringing is. I have several muslim friends who once in a while wear short
    sleeve shirts and sandals, but not often. One of them also chooses not to
    wear a veil, but most of the time she wears conservative yet stylish
    clothing. I can honestly say that she’s one of the most confident persons I
    know because she doesn’t have to worry about anyone looking at certain body
    parts while she works.

  18. megaramsey2010 says:

    ABOUT GOD.(holy QURAN)

  19. Sabina Easmin says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh brother/Sister I would not
    use the word hate, as it is such a strong word. Rather I would pray to
    Allah, that may Allah guide these sisters to become more modest. Part 1:
    These sisters, may not understand/accept the all the rulings of a hijab.
    One of the ruling is, that it should not attract the opposite sex, and in
    my personal opinion, fashionable hijab does attract men. In addition, women
    are enslaving themselves to fashion.

  20. ahlan2wasahlan says:

    @Flowerblood you are soooo wrong abou islam…it dislikes violence and i am
    a muslim girl in a wester society but i will never get out coz i love being
    a muslim.. :DD

  21. yanfeb15 says:

    @gotcod7 …funny you say that, since you’re judging yourself just by my
    comment or by looking at these women. Go back to your shithole and die

  22. jeet ban says:

    your place is not here

  23. Sabina Easmin says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Brother/Sister I agree with
    you that the Jibab, is the best. However, we do not know the circumstances
    that these sisters are facing and choosing to dress a little less modestly.
    In addition, we all have shortcomings, so lets pray that may Allah guide
    these sisters and all of us to be get closer to his deen. And Allah knows

  24. Jamillah Tune says:

    Riazat Butt meets the designer behind Elenany, a new fashion label for
    Muslim women that blends modesty and street cred

  25. Jenny Tokumei says:

    There is is neither to cover yourself up, nor to not do so. There’s nothing
    liberating in either action; the liberation is in having the choice.