Fashion Advice for Women : How to Wear a Skirt With Tall Boots

To wear a skirt with tall boots, it’s important to always consider the proportion of your dress and boots together. Choose the right combination of boots and…
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8 Responses to “Fashion Advice for Women : How to Wear a Skirt With Tall Boots”

  1. lucky7015 says:

  2. Leo Ramirez says:

    Same here.

  3. TheHilaryous1 says:

    I think it sucks. It really looks awful. I don’t know, how someone could
    wear that ugh ugly.

  4. Sally Rogers says:

    That model is hot

  5. Justilyn Lavapie says:

    yuh guys shud do kids advice(:

  6. Zebonka says:

    Kiss each other

  7. BluegrassRiver says:

    The taller the boots the better for the look. A woman with a good figure
    looks great in a pair of tall boots whether with a skirt, dress, or tucked
    in pants.

  8. DrumMan423 says:

    Anna looks very pretty with this skirt and this pair of tall black boots!!